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The Alliance provides educational schools to assist producers with successfully converting Kentucky 31 tall fescue to novel endophyte varieties. Schools begin with understanding fescue toxicosis, then walk producers through the conversion process. Conversion topics include establishment practices, fertility needs, smother crops, weed control, stand maintenance, and variety selection. Schools provide hands on training for drill calibration in addition to pasture walks to observe different novel endophyte varieties.

Education is a combination of University, NRCS, Agribusiness and Producers presentations to give participant the opportunity to get answers to questions from a variety of perspectives and information sources.

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1-Day Schools

Schools run 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Registration fee includes meal, refreshments and proceedings

Missouri, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina Training Sites Location Map

Tuesday, March 6, 2018
University of Missouri
Southwest Research Center, 14158 Hwy H, Mt. Vernon, MO
Enrollment limited
Registration before February 27, 2018: $60/person or $110/couple
Registration after February 27, 2018: $75/person or $125/couple
Missouri Registration Form (PDF)
For more information, contact Janet Adams at 417-466-3102 or

Thursday, March 8, 2018
University of Kentucky
Bluegrass Stockyards, 4561 Iron Works Pike, Lexington KY
Registration before March 1, 2018: $60/person
Registration after March 1, 2018: $75/person
Kentucky Flyer and Schedule (PDF)
KY Online Registration
For more information, contact Krista Lea at 859-257-0597 or

Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Clemson University
CAT Building, 511 Westinghouse Road, Pendleton SC
Enrollment limited
Registration before March 1, 2018: $60/person
Registration after March 1, 2018: $75/person
Clemson Flyer and Schedule (PDF)
Clemson Online Registration
For more information, contact Jennifer Arblaster at 864-656-2530 or

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
North Carolina State University
Martin Building, NC State Fair Grounds, Gate 9, 4281 Trinity Rd, Raleigh NC
Registration before March 2, 2018: $60/person
Registration after March 2, 2018: $75/person
North Carolina State Flyer and Schedule (PDF)
NCSU Online Registration
For more information, contact April Schaeffer at 606-407-2006 or

Thursday, March 15, 2018
Virginia Tech University
Raphine Volunteer Fire Company, 2130 Raphine Road, Raphine VA
Enrollment limited
Registration before March 1, 2018: $60/person
Registration after March 1, 2018: $75/person
Virginia Tech Flyer and Schedule (PDF)
VA Online Registration
For more information, contact Margaret Kenny at 434-321-9272 or

Cover of Fescue Toxicosis & Managment Guide

Agenda Items

  • Fescue Toxicosis: Symptoms and Causes
  • Economics of pasture renewal
  • Establishment and First Year Management
  • Microscope view of endophyte in tall fescue
  • Seed Drill Calibration
  • Seed and Endophyte Quality and Testing
  • Transition from Toxic to Non-Toxic Fescue
  • Tour of Field Plots
  • On-farm economics (video)
  • Products Available (seed companies)
  • Financial Incentives (cost-share)
  • Producer Panel Discussions

Speakers & tour guides vary by location:

University: University: John Andrae, Matt Booher, Matthew Burns, John Fike, David Fiske, Matt Fischer, David Fiske, Stacey Hamilton, Jimmy Henning, Deidre Harmon, Joe Horner, Jeff Lehmkuhler, Matt Massie, Will McClain, Berndt Nelson, Gene Olson, Gabriel Pent, Matt Poore, Craig Roberts, Johnny Rogers, Gene Schmitz, Ray Smith, Brad Stancil, Chris Teutsch, Wesley Tucker.
Non-Profit: Carolyn Young
USDA-NRCS: Jill Claasen, J.B. Daniel, Mark Green, Lee Holcomb, Adam Jones, Michelle Lovejoy.
Producers: Dean Askew, Joe Davis, Larry Elmore, Darrel Franson, Mike Hall, Adam Jones, Mike Jones, Buron Lanier, Mike Moss, Kenny Mullins, Carl Myers, Frank Nolan, Patrick Patterson, Ricky Roper, Curtis Schallert, Bud Shaver, Bart Snyder, Mark Strauss, John Thomas.
Industry: Agrinostics, Barenbrug, DLF Pickseed, Mountain View Seeds, Pennington Seed.