Resources and Links

One Year InConversionVirginia
Comparison of Commercially Available Novel-Endophyte Tall Fescue Forage VarietiesVarietiesNC State
Georgia Planting Guide
North Carolina Planting Guide
South Carolina Planting Guide
Virginia Planting Guide
ConversionBy State
Guidelines for tall fescue sample collection for Endophyte end Endopyte-Associated toxin testingTestingUniversity of Kentucky
Fescue Toxicosis – What it is and How it costs youToxicityVirginia Tech
Managing Novel Tall Fescue for PersistenceManagementVirginia Tech
Sampling Tall Fescue for Endophytes and alkaloidsTestingVirginia Tech
Strategies to Mitigate Tall Fescue ToxicosisToxicityVirginia Tech
Converting from Wildtype to Novel Tall FescueConversionVirginia Tech
Tall Fescue Endopnyte BookletConversionOregon
Video: Grain Drill CalibrationEstablishmentUniversity of Kentucky
Nitrate Management in Beef CattleToxicityNCSU
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