About Us

The Alliance for Grassland Renewal is a national organization focused on enhancing the appropriate adoption of novel endophyte tall fescue technology through education, incentives, self-regulation and promotion.

The Alliance for Grassland Renewal formed in 2012. Participants include partners from the university, government, industry (including producers, seed companies, testing labs) and nonprofit groups. The current board members are from Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Kentucky, Virginia, and Missouri.

The goal of the Alliance is to work together in replacing toxic tall fescue grass with a tall fescue that hosts a nontoxic endophyte, sometimes called a “novel” endophyte. This goal is pursued through four objectives: education, seed quality control, incentives, and promotion.

The Alliance submitted their bylaws to the Secretary of State of the State of Missouri and was approved for 501(c)5 tax status from the US IRS.

Board MemberAffiliationEmail
John AndraeClemson Universityjandrae@clemson.edu
Dean AskewProduceraskewd150@gmail.com
Peter BallerstedtBarenbrug USApballerstedt@barusa.com
Joe BoutonGrasslanzjhbouton1@gmail.com
JB DanielUSDA-NRCSj.b.daniel@usda.gov
David DavisUniversity of Missouridavisdk@missouri.edu
Drew DenmanPennington Seedddenman@central.com
Leanne DillardAuburn Universitydillasa@auburn.edu
Nick HillAgrinosticsnick@agrinostics.com
Jerome MagnusonDLFjmagnuson@dlfna.com
Will McClainMissouri State Universitywillmcclain@missouristate.edu
Gabe PentVirginia Techgpent@vt.edu
Matt PooreNorth Carolina State Universitymhpoore@ncsu.edu
Craig RobertsUniversity of Missourirobertscr@missouri.edu
Gene SchmitzUniversity of Missourischmitze@missouri.edu
Ray SmithUniversity of Kentuckyraysmith1@uky.edu
Bart SnyderProducerjanesnyder1989@gmail.com
Mark ThomasMountainview Seedsmarkt@mtviewseeds.com
Jennifer TuckerUniversity of Georgiajjtucker@uga.edu
Carolyn YoungNorth Carolina State Universitycyoung6@ncsu.edu

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