2022 Workshops

March 23Springhill, TNTBATBA$65
March 30MarylandTBATBA$65
Details and registration links will be posted soon.

Workshops offer focused education from leading experts.

Day long workshops strive to give producers the understanding and tools to successfully transition from toxic to novel tall fescue varieties.

Brownfield Ag News reporter Julie Harker interviews University of Missouri Extension forage specialist Craig Roberts about renovating toxic fescue pastures with novel endophyte fescue.  Fescue renovation and management is taught in workshops every year throughout the Fescue Belt.


Topics include: Tall Fescue Toxicosis Symptoms and Causes, Toxicosis Management, Establishment and First Year Management, Seed Quality and Testing, Producer and Animal Economics, and Cost Share and Incentive Programs.


Many learn by seeing and doing. Workshops include many hands on demonstrations such as microscope viewing of the endophyte, live drill calibration and plot tours to view varieties side by side in your local environment.

Product Highlights

The Alliance has successfully brought companies together to inform and assist producers. Spend time with seed company representatives to learn about their products and how they can fit into your farm.

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