Registration Open for Spring Renovation Workshops

This year, the Alliance for Grassland Renewal is hosting 3 Novel Endophtye Tall Fescue Renovation Workshops. Speakers from across the US will cover topics such as Toxicosis Management, Establishment, Seed Quality and Testing, Economics and more. Registration is $40 and includes lunch and educational materials. Use the links below for more information or to registerContinue reading “Registration Open for Spring Renovation Workshops”

Adaptive Management is Key to Grazing Success

Reprinted with permission from Hay and Forage Grower, January 2023. Interest in controlled grazing management has increased in recent years, in large part due to increased input costs.  The promise of growing more grass with fewer inputs is intriguing, and some would suggest that there is only one way to get that done.  Systems likeContinue reading “Adaptive Management is Key to Grazing Success”

Triple Creek Journal: Bale Grazing compliments Hay Unrolling during winter feeding

January, 2023.  The dominant forages in our forage system include tall fescue, dallisgrass, crabgrass, red clover and white clover.  There are many other minor species but those five account for a pretty high percentage of the biomass production.  Twenty years ago we had very heavy tall fescue stands, and as a result we usually hadContinue reading “Triple Creek Journal: Bale Grazing compliments Hay Unrolling during winter feeding”

Understanding Endophytes: The history and morphology of endophytes and comparison of endophyte-infected tall fescue in the US

Tall fescue is a dominant grass across the US Tall fescue is a deep-rooted, persistent perennial grass that is considered high-quality forage for livestock. Tall fescue originated from Europe and was likely brought here by early European settlers. Kentucky 31 (KY-31), infamous fescue cultivar released in 1942, is well adapted to the eastern states andContinue reading “Understanding Endophytes: The history and morphology of endophytes and comparison of endophyte-infected tall fescue in the US”

Triple Creek Journal: Life Goes On.

We had a big loss to our farm a few weeks ago.  My mom, Ninalei Bader Poore (Nina), passed away; she was 91.  She had been in a slow decline the last two years, but she stayed positive as she approached the end of life.  Life changed for her dramatically in 2015 when my DadContinue reading “Triple Creek Journal: Life Goes On.”

Why are cow-calf producers slow to adopt science proven technology?

I have worked with the beef industry all my career, and one thing is clear; only a very small proportion of producers quickly adopt management practices and technological advances that I might help develop. As I grow older I think more and more about this as I want my life’s work to matter.  To helpContinue reading “Why are cow-calf producers slow to adopt science proven technology?”

Creative Mix Yields Winning Results

As a horseman specializing in challenging horses, Reed Edwards is used to coming up with creative solutions. It is no surprise he applied the same approach to forages. “I’m used to doing oddball stuff and I’m somewhat adventurous,” says the Laurens, South Carolina, horseman and hay producer. His choice of an alfalfa and novel endophyteContinue reading “Creative Mix Yields Winning Results”

Save the Date: Spring Workshops are set

Dates are set for three in-person Novel Endophyte Tall Fescue Renovation Workshops. All workshops will include discussions on toxicosis, establishment, quality control and cost share opportunities as well as hands on drill calibration and tours of variety plots. Registration links will be open at the beginning of the year. Registration is currently open for theContinue reading “Save the Date: Spring Workshops are set”

New Certified Dealers

In 2022, the Alliance for Grassland Renewal launched it’s Certified Dealer Program, to highlight those seed dealers and farm stores that carry novel endophyte tall fescue products, and have educated themselves on these products by attending a workshop. For December of 2022, we are adding two dealers to the program. You can find their fullContinue reading “New Certified Dealers”

Triple Creek Journal: The Miracle of Life

It has been a busy month at Triple Creek with our calving season which started October 16.  We started with the heifers that were synchronized and bred AI for the 4th time last year.  I have been resistant to using AI in the past because I thought it was a lot of effort for theContinue reading “Triple Creek Journal: The Miracle of Life”